Make an emergency action plan and learn the signs and symptoms of severe allergic reactions so you are prepared before a reaction strikes.

If you experience symptoms after eating foods, talk to your doctor or school nurse and together, create an Emergency Action plan that is customized to you and your food allergies. Detail your medications, when epinephrine should be administered, and list your emergency contacts. Give a copy of your plan to your school nurse, babysitter, bus driver and other caregivers.

Learn what a food allergy is, why allergies are serious and steps to take if you experience an allergic reaction. 

Learn how much food allergies cost the U.S., who food allergies affect and the rate of food allergies by envrionment.

When severe allergic reactions strike, GIVE yourself epinephrine and GO call 911 immediately. Learn the signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis in this info sheet. Visit the GIVE & GO website here.

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